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Social H3x HELP Page!

Thank you for using Social H3x as your favorite social media engine. We are pleased to have you, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us Here!

You are allowed to create posts as you wish based upon your personal traits as well as political point of views. However, you are not allowed to post any nudity images, sexual postings against another user, or talk negative about any members of this social engine. Any accounts going against this policy will be removed from the site.
You are allowed to creat posts that can equal up to 5,000 characters in length. This may be altered as we need to, in order to shorten posts, or provide more lengthy ones. And yes, you can use the "Hashtag #" symbols if you desire in order to help attract more users to your profile.

This social media engine is built upon the Ruby on Rails framework by Dr. Aubrey Love II and is operated on 2 different servers. The complexity of this service ranges from different coding methods & techniques as well as a complex structure based upon your demands and desires!
We have catered our website in order to bring you a totally new version of social media experience. Instead of hate speach and marketing techniques that only goes after your cookies, instead we have a more deprived approach. We do not push ads all over the place as we accept donations in order to prevent ads from running on our website!

Server Structure:

Our website operates on 2 different servers. We have our first server; Beta Server which is our beta server. This server allows us to test and release pre-release (Beta) features onto the social engine before rolling out to full production! With this option, you have the power and freedom to test out our new features as well and provide us with your input. Do you like it, love it, hate it, or have suggestions on how to improve it? We build our social engine based upon your likings.
Our second server is our Alpha Server (which is not setup at this point in time. But will be very soon.) ~> Dated September 17th 2018.
The Alpha server will be the final release of all new updates we have done to the beta server that has gone through your satisifaction!